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We provide laboratory examination in Belvidere, IL.

Our Laboratory Examination in Belvidere, IL, Can Say a Lot About Your Health

You don’t want to wait until you’re feeling unbearably sick to seek medical care. Your Family Doctor offers a much better option: our preventative laboratory examination in Belvidere, IL. At our clinic, we run lab tests that catch changes in your health before symptoms occur. They can help with diagnosis and treatment as well as evaluating your response to treatment. All it takes is collecting a sample such as blood, urine, or tissue, and testing it for conditions or abnormal levels.

Drawing Blood

Thorough Lab Work

Our health care clinic provides laboratory services, including phlebotomy and proprietary specialty testing. We have a CLIA-waived lab for on-site testing that is less expensive and gives you same-day results. Tests include:

  • EKGs
  • Urine Analysis
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Same-Day Glucose Tests
  • Same-Day HIV & Flu Testing

Accurate Pregnancy Testing

Verifying pregnancy early on is crucial to your family’s ability to plan and make decisions, and Your Family Doctor is happy to handle that for you. Pregnancy produces the hormone HCG, which can show up as early as 10 days after conception. Our tests measure whether or how much HCG is there, with some producing results in minutes. They can also diagnose abnormal conditions and watch how your pregnancy develops over the first 2 months

Monitoring HCG levels is critical because when they’re higher or lower than typical, it could signify a problem. You could have a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. However, it can also mean good news, such as twins. Either way, you’ll want to know, and we can tell you.

Advanced Laboratory Services

Take advantage of our medical center’s on-site venipuncture (blood draw) services. Advanced testing labs are available for analyzing your sample, and they include:

  • LabCorp®
  • Quest Diagnostics®
  • Boston Heart Diagnostics
  • Order of Saint Francis (OSF)
  • Saint Anthony Medical Center
  • SwedishAmerican Hospital
  • HealthLab
  • Avise

Couple signing in for an appointment for our health services in Belvidere, IL.

What can blood tests detect?

Plenty. They can tell us how your body has changed over time and what your cholesterol levels are like, allowing you to adjust your lifestyle accordingly. Better yet, they can catch warning signs of almost any disease early on, particularly those in the heart, kidney, and lungs. Routine annual tests are often covered by insurance and can save you a lot of trouble, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of them. 

Contact us to schedule your tests today. We welcome patients from Belvidere and Rockford, Illinois, and the nearby areas.